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Triantafyllides & Christoforou Law Firm

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Company Name: Triantafyllides & Christoforou Law Firm

Address: 27, Evagoras, Ave. Irene Building, Suites 31,33, 52 & 54

Location: Nicosia

Tel. Number: +357 22 456222, +357 22 410141

Fax: +357 22 410131

Email: info@tcalaw.eu

Website: www.tcalaw.eu


Triantafyllides & Christoforou Law Firm is a Law Firm based in Nicosia with associate offices in Athens, London and Bucharest. The principal aim of the Firm is to be fully in tune with its clients' aims and aspirations focusing on a personalized relationship with the client, at all times. In that way the Firm manages to provide the highest possible standard of legal services by giving sound, timely and practical legal advice in a cost effective manner.

The firm is a member of major international networks of independent law Firms with a great number of lawyers in a large number of countries. The Firm's participation in these networks enables us to be up to date with moderns trends and challenges of global business, in order to provide our clients with the highest standard of service.

Over the years the partners and associates of the Firm have developed expertise in both litigation and corporate law and have advised and representes both private and corporates clients in areas of t he law such as company incorporation, corporate, trusts, mutual funds incorporation, shipping intellectual property, mergers anf acquisitions, tax planning and commerce. In implementing the services offered by the Firm, it places at the disposal of its clients the diverse professional skills of qualified lawyers, legal consultants, accountants, auditors, administrators and legal assistants in order to meet all their demands.

The Firm's corporate department hadles corporate and related matters, including incorportation and management of companier in Cyprus and internationally and has handled number of larger closing that took place around the world.

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