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Company Name: Symeou & Konnaris LLC

Address: Spyrou Kyprianou 61, P.C. 4003 Limassol Cyprus

Location: Limassol

Tel. Number: +357 25818400

Fax: +357 25355559

Email: info@sklaw-firm.com

Website: www.sklaw-firm.com


Symeou & Konnaris LLC is a fast growing Cyprus firm located in Limassol, Cyprus. The firm has developed a wide range of contacts in many jurisdictions enabling it to take an international view of its clients needs. Guided by ethics and values Symeou & Konnaris LLC offers:

* Professionalism: The team is equipped with highly qualified professionally and academically lawyers. We aim to serve with skill and high professional standards and offer to each and every client professional, effective and decisive legal services and advice.

* Confidentiality: We provide our services and handle our clients affairs with absolute confidentiality and discretion. The aim is to build a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust values, openness and integrity.

* Dedication to our clients: The Law firm is totally committed to serving our clients best interests. By being proactive we anticipate our clients’ needs and provide solutions that are timely, clear and pragmatic. We deal with our clients' business and individual needs with the utmost personal care.

* Independent and specialised legal advice: The emphasis is on our clients. The Law firms independence allows us to provide to our clients candid and unbiased legal advice for their best interest and protection. With acknowledged expertise and specialisation in specific legal fields, we seek to consider every challenge and provide ingenious solutions to our clients needs.

* Updated legal knowledge: Committed in service to clients the Law firm combines the knowledge accrued from years of experience with the fresh knowledge of recently graduated lawyers of outstanding academic qualifications. The Law firm has extensive awareness of current legislative changes and harmonisation processes in light of Cyprus accession to the European Union and offers updated legal advice and services.

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