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Company Name: E.R. Team Global Consultants Ltd

Contact Name: Evgenios Erotokritou – Barrister – at - Law Evgenios Erotokritou – Barrister – at - Law

Address: 36 Aigyptou Avenue, 6030, Larnaca

Location: Larnaca

Tel. Number: +357 24 656 406

Fax: +357 24 625 425

Email: eugero@cytanet.com.cy

Website: www.cypruscompanyregistration.com.cy


  • E.R. Team Global Consultants was established in 1979 by our CEO, Barrister Evgenios Erotokritou, who began his long legal career in 1979 having secured his Barrister – at -Law degree at Middle Temple of London, a member of the Counsil of Legal Education of England and Wales. Barrister Evgenios Erotokritou, graduated at the top of the list out of more than 450 candidates. In Cyprus he qualified No.1 at the top of the list of the Cyprus Bar Association exams!
  • Barrister Evgenios Erotokritou, has left his mark on the Cyprus Legislation, by pioneering in the rehauling of the Evidence Law of Cyprus to accept hearsay oral and documentary evidence.
  • E.R. Team Global Consultants together with its associates is represented by more than 30 professionals, covering the need of our clients in legal and tax issues or projects.
  • Our vast expertise and accumulated experience since 1979 provide a solid guarantee of professionalism and quality services to our clients for cost effective and trouble-free cooperation to achieve the goals and targets of our clients.
  • E.R. Team Global Consultants, deals mostly with international businessmen who seek to operate through a Cyprus company, reaping the multitude of Tax, Legal and Administrational benefits, at a reasonable, cost effective fee schedule.
  • In troubled times of banking turmoil E.R. Team is proud to say that due to our extensive networking in Cyprus and abroad we can open Bank Accounts for our clients to be able to carry out their operations in the EU and outside.
  • We are sure that your project whatever it is in Cyprus has a better chance of being concluded and maintained at our Firm where expertise and accumulated experience will be your building blocks!


Our Firm can assist you in the following sectors:

1.         Corporate Services

Our Firm and especially our CEO Barrister Evgenios Erotokritou has an accumulated expertise of 40 years. We can assist you to set up your Cyprus Company online without having to be in Cyprus. Fast, simple, no fuss and benefit the 12.5% Corporate Tax of Cyprus.


2.         Banking Services

In turbulent times of banking turmoil, where opening a bank account has become a cumbersome chore instead of a pleasure, our Firm is well networked and very experienced to open a Bank Account for you personally, your Cyprus Company or your foreign company. Fast, reliably, without your presence and for client friendly fees.


3.         Immigration Services

Our vast experience in Immigration is your guarantee of a successful assignment. Our Firm has a 99% rate of success.

We can assist you to get a Cyprus Passport (Citizenship) or a Life Visa (Permanent Residence). We can also assist you to get a long stay visa for 1-2 years very fast and without inconvenience.


4.         Investing in Cyprus

Our Firm in its 40 years life, has wrought alliances, partnerships and associations with a great many developers, real estate agents, banks and other property organizations. We can assist buy or sell your property and protect you from fraud or other legal or technical pitfalls.


5.         Legal Work

Our Firm can cover your needs for any Legal Work, such as litigation, family disputes, divorce, commercial law, debt collection, administration for the estates of deceased persons, accident claims, wills, cross border merges and acquisitions, legal due diligence, contracts, trusts, marine insurance, shipping etc.  


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