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Company Name: Emily A. Lemoniati Law Chambers & Associates

Address: Charalambou Mouskou,Athinodorou Business Centre, office No.301P.O.Box 64092 CY8010,

Location: Paphos

Tel. Number: +357 26 819960, +357 99 595697

Fax: +357 26 822842

Email: emilylaw@cytanet.com.cy


Emily Lemoniati & Associates is a prestigious and reliable Legal Firm established in 2000 in Cyprus. The head Office is situated In Paphos, one of the most rabid developed and modern Cities in Cyprus. All our staff are English-speaking and we have also business dealing in Russian, Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian, and Rumanian.

Our target is confidentiality, discretion and correct communication. It is our main concern to protect the rights and privileges of our clients. We always advice our clients to proceed with a discreet and private manner for any personal issues or issues related to acquisition of immovable property. Before any client proceeds contacting any external factors, or intermediate companies, or company representatives, must primarily be advised by their appointed  legal representatives, in order to discuss the issue of concern and proceed with a correct contract, as any communication not made in a proper legal manner could amount to cancellation of the contract, damages, loss of property earnings, misconduct and delays.

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