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Company Name: Elena Constantinou & Co.LLC

Address: Annis Komninis 4, Soleas Building, 8th floor, P.C. 1060

Location: Nicosia

Tel. Number: +357 22757735, +357 22375967

Fax: +357 22375943

Email: info@eclaw.com.cy

Website: www.eclaw.com.cy


Elena Constantinou & Co L.L.C was established in 1994 by Elena Constantinou. The company has grown and developed into a large law firm in Cyprus and it also co-operates with many companies and law firms around the world.

The firm’s members professional and personal qualities, in combination with their co-operating team spirit allows the firm to offer fast, efficient, effective and most importantly give quality advices and services to meet the needs of all of its clients with great respect and absolute loyalty. The firm strives to be in the mind of its clients in order to provide correctly tailored services which meet every particular need.

Elena Constantinou & Co L.L.C has managed through the experience it had attained to gain a well respected reputation in Cyprus.

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