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Company Name: Demetriou & Demetriou LLC

Contact Name: Demetriou & Demetriou LLC Demetriou & Demetriou LLC

Address: Vasileos Pavlou 391st Floor, Flat 11, 6023P.O.Box 404486304 Larnaca, Cyprus

Location: Larnaca

Tel. Number: +357 24651339

Fax: +357 24655902

Email: ademetrioulaw@cytanet.com.cy

Website: http://www.demetrioulawfirm.com


Demetriou & Demetriou LLC was created in 1981 by Mr. Andreas Demetriou, an ambitious lawyer who soon became a well-established advocate, mainly in civil and criminal litigation.

Mr Andreas Demetriou was later joined by his son, Mr. Antonis Demetriou, the managing Director of the Firm, an experienced, well-respected and successful lawyer.

Their hard work, aspiration and innovation combined with the provision of excellent quality services geared towards meeting client expectations, has led to the rapid expansion of the Firm which is regarded today as one of the most prominent legal firms in Cyprus. Demetriou & Demetriou LLC enjoys professional success as well as an excellent reputation.

The Firm comprises of an accomplished team of professional qualified lawyers and legal consultants who provide viable and comprehensive solutions to the Firm’s clients, tailored to their specific needs.

As a Law Firm, it enjoys an extensive and expanding client base ranging from private individuals to corporate entities, both in Cyprus and abroad.

Demetriou & Demetriou LLC provides a variety of services to its clients, covering a multitude of legal areas combining expert, multi-faced knowledge and experience of the domestic legal system with an international orientation.

The Firm specialises in the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law and centers its ambition to providing the most effective and elite, tailored-made business solutions, achieving the maximum tax saving outcomes possible in a cost-effective manner.

With us, you will find an excellent team of lawyers, committed to meeting your expectations, consulting and advising you for all available and credible business solutions as well as planning, forming and administering the inception and establishment of your business plans with the outmost success.

We, Demetriou & Demetriou LLC, promise to provide the highest quality of services to you and together to achieve, with the outmost success and excellence, all your business aspirations.

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