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Company Name: Christos Paraskevas LLC

Contact Name: Christos Paraskevas

Address: 11, Vyzantiou Str., 3rd Floor Strovolos, Nicosia, 2064

Location: Nicosia

Tel. Number: 22432800

Email: info@paraskevasllc.com

Website: www.paraskevasllc.com


Christos Paraskevas LLC is a multi service law firm based in  Nicosia, Cyprus, dedicated to providing its clients with professional,  highly personalized legal and consulting services.

Our Firm  serves a vast range of clients both in Cyprus and at an international  level including multinational and national corporations, private businesses and individuals.

Christos Paraskevas LLC provides a  variety of services to its clients, covering nearly all aspects of the  law including, inter alia, Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate  Law, Dispute Resolution, General Litigation, Banking and Competition  Law.

We consider the values of our firm, such as quality,  commitment, efficiency, and integrity, being the cornerstone of the  success of our firm. We pride ourselves on our professional work, legal  knowledge, experience and responsive service to each client.

We are confident that Christos Paraskevas LLC is the law firm that every client can trust.

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