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Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers in Cyprus: New Regulation of the Cyprus Bar Association

The Council of the Cyprus Bar Association has adopted on 25 October 2017 with the approval of the majority of the General Secretariat the following Regulation:


Every registered lawyer as well as every European lawyer is required to attend recognized legal education programs as defined by the Board of Directors of the BBA for each year he practices law starting from 1 January of each year.

Every registered lawyer entering the profession for the first time will have the obligation to follow recognized legal training programs as the Board of Directors decides for each full month of practicing law from the date of first registration until the end of the calendar year.

Every registered lawyer must keep a record of the SNEs programs he has attended in order to comply with these regulations and present the file to the Council together with his application for the renewal of his license and at any other time the Council of the Cyprus Bar of Association will request the documentation.

A lawyer will be considered to have attended a legal educational program when presenting and / or attending at approved programs recognized by the Board of the Cyprus Bar Association which lasted more than half an hour, and the monitoring time will be the actual duration of the program he / she has presented and / or attended.  The lawyer must have followed the entire approved program. Following only part of the approved program will not count.
(a) Programs should be recognized in advance by the Cyprus Bar Association or by any other committee that may be set up by the Board for this purpose and may include seminars, lectures or other structured, face-to-face training activities or via the Internet or other electronic means, as well as the observation of audiovisual material prepared by approved by the Cyprus Bar Association Board or by any committee set up by the board.

It is provided that a lawyer cannot be considered to have attended more than 4 hours of continuous legal training from watching audiovisual material alone.

(b) The Cyprus Bar Association may, by its decision, diversify or extend the categories of activities considered to be recognized legal educational programs. The Association may also, by its decision, increase the hours of educational programs that needs to be completed by each lawyer each year.

A lawyer will be able to complete up to 4 hours of legal education by following  the recognized legal programs or other similar activities that have been recognized as such by any other CCBE Bar Association.

A lawyer will have the right to transfer up to 3 hours of continuous legal education from one year to the next.

The Cyprus Bar Association may, for special reasons, exempt a lawyer either absolutely or in part from the obligation to follow the recognized legal programs for any year, or extend the deadline for compliance with the obligation to follow the programs for any other year.

The lawyer's obligation can be extended until the age of 65, provided he / she has been practicing law for 25 years.

The Bar Association may, by its decision, regulate any other matter arising in regards to professional development of the registered lawyers.

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