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Why is Cyprus an attractive business location

Cyprus is one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean and is a gate to Europe,
the Balkans, Africa and Asia.  It has a population of about one million people and a coastal line of almost nine hundred kilometers.

Its capital it’s Nicosia which is a very European and cosmopolitical city with every kind of recreational shopping and business centers. Nicosia is half an hour away by car from the rest of the major towns, which are Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca.

Larnaca is one of the most beautiful towns in Cyprus with a smooth coastline and plenty of recreational places. It is only half an hour away from the capital and other business destinations.

Cyprus has a very advanced and complete administration system with a very good court and justice system, easily accessible ministry services and a vast number of Cyprus people educated in all kinds of professional services, such as business administration, management, lawyers, accountants, bankers e.t.c.

The republic of Cyprus has adopted a free market economy which gives you immense opportunities for international business and of course for your financial and tax planning.

You will be working in a fully professional environment with all facilities and high technology at your disposal. The Cyprus banking system is highly developed and very fast. In fact other developing countries have called on the big Cyprus banks to advise them to adopt the same banking system as the Cyprus system.

Our telecommunications are as much developed as any other European country’s and our air links will carry you to any destination in the world.

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